Human Rights

The work of ensuring all persons with disabilities have human rights equal to those of all Canadians is an important and ongoing fight. 

In the 1970s, the disability rights movement emerged, led by people with disabilities fighting for the same rights as all other Canadians had. Since then, more initiatives contribute to guaranteeing rights of persons with disabilities in Canada, including the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, the Canadian Human Rights Act and the ratified United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

Read more about your rights under the Alberta Human Rights Act, and specifically about the rights of persons with physical disabilities along with some helpful case studies.

Asserting your Rights in Alberta Back to Top

Self-advocacy is typically the first method for asserting your rights. However, following this, there are several formal channels for lodging complaints about the provision of services and your rights in such situations.

Lodge a Complaint with Alberta Health Services Back to Top

You can find information about complaints at Alberta Health Services, including frequently asked questions. To lodge a complaint:

As a client you have the right to request an external review by the Alberta Ombudsman if you feel the complaint process was unfair.  Call 780-427-2756 or 403-297-6185.

Connect with the Alberta Ombudsman Back to Top

The Alberta Ombudsman responds to complaints of unfair treatment by provincial government authorities and designated professional organizations. The Ombudsman is a mechanism of last resort, and should be used after all other dispute resolution efforts and mechanisms have been exhausted. Several case summaries and information about filing complaints can help you determine if the Ombudsman is an appropriate solution. 

Lodge a Complaint About a Physician in Alberta Back to Top

You can lodge a complaint about an Alberta physician by contacting the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta at 1-800-661-4689 or the complaints line at 1-800-661-4689. The college has multiple processes to resolve complaints, including direct resolve, resolve with consent, investigation, and dismissal. You can also file a formal complaint directly.

If you have questions throughout the process, contact a Patient Advocate at the college for help at 780-423-4764. 

Lodge or Enquire About a Human Rights Complaint in Alberta Back to Top

  1. Visit the Alberta Human Rights Commission website and explore making and resolving human rights complaints.
  2. Write a complaint to the commission, which the commission will then accept.
  • You can make your complaint, including complaints regarding your tenancy, by filling out the downloadable form and guide directly on your computer or by printing the form and guide and completing it by hand.
  • Submit your completed complaint in person or through the mail at either the southern regional office in Calgary or the northern regional office in Edmonton. Note: The form cannot be emailed.

Note: The Human Rights Commission must receive your complaint and have time to process it within one year of the alleged incident. The sooner you submit your complaint the better.