RAD Renovations

Residential Accessible Design (RAD) Renovations is a preventative program based at Accessible Housing, helping Calgarians with limited mobility live safely in their homes and communities, with their families and support systems.

The RAD Renovations team applies their architectural and barrier-free design expertise to work with clients to:

  • assess client and built environment needs
  • prepare accessible design drawings & construction specifications

Recognizing the challenges involved in translating accessible design to reality, RAD Renovations also:

  • facilitates applications for the Residential Access Modification Program (RAMP) funding
  • organizes donations of labour and building materials
  • manages construction
  • supports homeowners and landlords throughout the renovation process

The RAD Renovations program is free to applicants who qualify for the Government of Alberta’s Residential Access Modification Program (RAMP), which specifies that participants are lower income and wheelchair users. Please see the RAMP program website for complete qualification guidelines. Applicants who do not qualify for RAMP funding may still be eligible to participate in RAD Renovations depending on circumstances and available resources.

As part of promoting a culture of barrier-free design everywhere, we will assess building plans with regards to accessibility for free. Private individuals, developers, and builders can contact us at rad@accessiblehousing.ca or 403-735-2434.

More information about applying for the RAD Renovations program can be found on the Accessible Housing website.