Finding the right product to solve an accessibility problem can be a challenge. Below are listings of products our RAD Renovations professionals have found to be useful in their work. 

The links below link to common retailers in Alberta, but you may consider connecting directly to local vendors or to the manufacturer. Discuss with your occupational therapist if the product is suitable for you and with your contractor to see if it will work in your space. Check with the professionals you’re working with to ensure this product meets your needs and situation. Doing these checks will help avoid problems down the line.

Pages with information about specific pieces of equipment have been gathered from manufacturers and retailers and should not be considered an endorsement of the equipment, manufacturer, retailer, or the product's quality or usefuless. Rather, the listings below are intended to give you a place to start your search and to gain familiarity with the types of products that may help increase accessibility in your home.

Bathrooms Back to Top


  • Wall-mounted toilets
  • Comfort-height toilets
  • Extra-high toilet


  • Side approach sink
  • Corner sink:
  • Countertop sink:
  • Wall-mounted sinks (counters can be built around or on either side of the sink)

Faucets and Sink Hardware

  • Centrepiece faucets with single handle options

Shower Hardware

  • Handheld showerheads with vrtical slide bar

Slip-resistant Floor Tile

  • Vinyl flooring
  • Ceramic and porcelain tile options

Wetroom Walls and Flooring

Waterproofing Systems

Shower Inserts

  • Barrier-free bath to shower inserts

Entrances Back to Top


Ramps are carried by many vendors, including Lowes, Amazon, Walmart, Home Depot and others. Use the following search terms with the vendor of your choice to find ramps: metal ramp, portable ramp, entryway ramp, and threshold ramp. 

Kitchen Back to Top

  • Pull-out drawers for kitchen cabinets
  • Counter-lifting columns

Throughout Back to Top

  • Pocket door systems
  • Stairlift Systems

Other Spaces Back to Top

Furniture Risers